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Catur Elang Perkasa runs in the field of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Construction Services. Our commitment is to ensure Quality and Safety, Occupational Health and Environment. We provide products and services based on our customer’s needs, minimize risks and hazards for our operational activities through zero incident initiative, and we ensure that all our activities comply with the laws and regulations.

The trust of our clients and partners is our utmost important, we put forward our integrity to maintain trust. Through the trust of our clients and partners, we thrive to achieve our goal to contribute to our nation’s development through our projects while being consistent with our philosophy: fortitude, growth and honor.


“Becoming a Tough, Growing and yet Respectable company in every business operations”


Serve customer's needs with high valued products

Generate adequate profit for company and partner's growth

Improving living quality of it's stakeholders


Catur Elang Perkasa represents fortitude, growth, and honor which is translated through our logo. The Red Eagle symbolizes fortitude and courage in facing challenges. We are always prepared with resilience to face our obstacles in order to gain beneficial profits that create a positive impact on all its stakeholders. The Light Blue Eagle symbolizes growth. It represents the company’s willingness to realize its dream of becoming a top world-class company, by making the most of its potential. The Dark Blue Eagle symbolizes honor and integrity. The company promises to maintain honor and integrity in carrying out all its activities, ensuring that the benefits received are not carried out in a way that violates the law and harms other people/parties.