PT Catur Elang Perkasa is always trying to take part and contribute to the development and improvement of the social wellbeing of the surrounding community. As a national company where HR (Human Resources) becomes a very important asset , PT Catur Elang Perkasa understands that one of the ways that can be taken to improve the quality of life is to fulfill the basic needs of life that are often overlooked, which are faith and health.

Based on this understanding, PT Catur Elang Perkasa tries to start active and ongoing activities in the immediate environment. Some of these activities, including:

Riyadhush Sholihin Mosque

Human resources should not only focus on good work, but it should also have high morality values. As a form of concern for the spiritual reality, PT Catur Elang Perkasa provides a means of worship for employees and the surrounding community, located in Perumahan Karyawan Blok 99 - Meruyung, Depok.

Social Clinic

Health is the most important concern of every human being. Inspired by the quote "Mens sana in corpore sano", PT Catur Elang Perkasa is committed to providing free health care for active participants in the community by setting up a free clinic in two distinct places, which are:

  • Margasatwa Office

    Schedule: Thursday 16.00 - 19.00 WIB

  • Komplek Perumahan Catur Elang, Meruyung - Depok

    Schedule: Saturday 16.00 - 19.00 WIB